Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend Update

I've never thought of jigsaw puzzles as a leisure activity, but that's exactly how the weekend started. "Pfee" came over, so while we waited for him to arrive, Raylan and I decided to put a puzzle together. By the time he arrived, we had most of the edges finished, so he helped us with the rest. We didn't finish the puzzle until Saturday, but the more I worked on it, the more I felt obsessed with finishing it. With every piece that I solved, I felt like that helpless nicotine addict swearing that "this is the last one." I could not stop working on the puzzle until it was complete, but at the same time, it felt therapeutic. Overall, I think it took us about four hours to finish it. I got to place the last piece. Wow, what a feeling of accomplishment! We all signed and dated the bottom, marking its completion. It now sits in a frame waiting to be proudly displayed somewhere in my office. From 1 to 10, how dorky is that? Let me know with a comment.

ScattergoriesLater, we went to Chinese buffet with some friends. I personally prefer non-buffet Chinese food, but it's usually a better deal if you get all-you-can-eat. Scattergories was on the agenda following dinner. Somehow, I came in last place, but I did learn that "robots" can be used as an "R" word for things in the sky...the apocalypse is near (robots will take over the world like in Terminator).

Even later, we went to Starbucks at 10:30 PM. Apparently, the one here is now open 24 hours, because we didn't leave until almost 3:00 AM. I've never been a fan of thier coffee (or any coffee for that matter), but I did get to try a sample of heaven in a cup. I think it was called caramel apple cider(?). Try it.


  1. Actually we didn't go to Starbucks until 11:30..but what's an hour, right?
    I'm sure some would consider us to tip the dorkiness scale at its max..BUT...i think we know how to enjoy each other...doing something simple...and being totally content. That's why I love spending time with you :)

  2. I know. I enjoyed doing it together, and it wasn't boring.

  3. You two are as sweet as that "Carmel Apple Cider??".

  4. I think the puzzle thing was pretty freakin cool. But I DO have a biased opinion -- my name is on one of the pieces.. Also, I personally would rank myself as a 7 on the dorky scale. Maybe an 8 on the weird scale. And possibly a 9 on the socially awkward scale.

    That Caramel Apple Whatever was the bomb. ...BOOM!